I will be sending my paintings off to Nettuno, in the provence of Rome in the next few weeks in a crate. I am sending two large works, ‘Democratic Grid’ and ‘White Rage’ and four small pieces (some of the work I showed in Bryant Priest Newman) as well as some specially made drawings. All the paintings are squares, one reason for this is because of them going to a castle, with draw-bridge – Forte Sangello. There is a picture of the castle – on a beach in a earlier Rome post.

When I viewed my paintings in the Biennial of Contemporary Art earlier in the year I had one of those moments of ‘wow, my work makes sense here’. I’m sure this was to do with the light, the brightness and the being on a edge of a country, the venue being sited on a sandy beach. I lived in Brighton, UK for seventeen years, I did my first degree here in painting, for a time I lived on the sea front – I was always walking along the under cliff walk. At that time I learnt all about space and light and ¬†how it might relate to painting – sometimes I feel that the chalk light quality that kind of under-pins my work is still infused with those huge white cliffs and how the light bounces off the sea onto the cliffs or is it the other way round. Anyway viewing my paintings placed opposite the sea in Nettuno gave me a bit of a double take, especially with the blue lines almost the same colour as sky or sea.

Looking forward to going out! The dates of the exhibition are 6 November to 15 November. Below is a picture of Brighton under cliff walk.

brighton cliff