Falling Cities

‘Falling Cities’ is a new project I’m working on. The premise stems from ideas about the falling man, to quote de Man ‘a thing in the grip of gravity, the end point of all gravity being the grave’. In the ‘Falling Cities’ we open up the possibility of experiencing places as a ‘a thing in the grip of gravity’ to witness places as in the throws of fissure, cracking and falling apart; an aspect here could be to witness the current climate of recession and insecurity – ‘between cities, countries and continents we are going to crash’ (Altermodern); but more importantly to explore cultural shifts as ever circular and returning; here is the possibility  of exploring through image and text different points in history and places in the world as well as exploring cities seen from a vast map like distance or inspired by a more intimate close-up tangled and messy human view.

I like the idea of a kind of ‘place-gravity in motion’- art works that operate like a unfolding, sometimes almost slowness – moments of falling and disharmony as almost flickering cinematic, painterly passion yet despair. This is probably going to be a long project in terms of bringing it to fruition, here I have introduced some key starting ideas, although in reality my ideas always start in my painting – here is ‘Democratic Grid’



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