Forever Run … from one nothing to the next

I am making a new body of art works exploring the poetic of public protest and riots. They are to be shown firstly at Galleria Gallerati in July.  Each painting and drawing focuses particular sites or sweeps in time – for instance as a art student attending Brighton Polytechnic in the late 1980’s I participated in many protest marches, part of my memory of this time is about the feeling of the power of collective action and accompanying exhilaration that could potentially lead to some change, or the very question of the march being a moment or thing or even nothing in itself. The art works to be shown in Galleria Gallerati are partly inspired from photographs of seafront riots of mods and rockers in Brighton UK in 1964.

The intention of this art is a kind of re-history and poetic into moments in relatively recent time that reveal high-stress, drama and within that drama or confrontation potential turning points; manifesting in this body of artworks as urban public protests and riots. As Foucault says … “the moment of erosion, collapse, questioning or problematisation of the very assumptions of the setting within which a drama may take place – occasioning the chance or possibility of another setting”.

Here are some drawings, ink on vellum, these are inspired from Birmingham and Brighton riots. These works do operate as studies for the paintings but also as themselves, exhibited in grids.


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