a occurrence

… the object of a sublime, as a ‘here and now’.  Newman can certainly not have been thinking of the ‘present instant’, the one that tries to hold itself between the future and the past, and gets devoured by them. This now is one of the temporal ‘ecstasies’… according to a line of thought that has attempted to constitute time on the basis of consciousness. Newman’s now which is no more than now is a stranger to consciousness and cannot be constituted by it. Rather it is what dismantles consciousness, what deposes consciousness, it is what consciousness cannot formulate, and even what consciousness forgets in order to constitute itself.

What we do not manage to formulate is that something happens. Or rather more simply, thats it happens. Not a major event in the media sense, not even a small event. Just an occurrence.

Jean-Francois Lyotard   ‘The Inhuman’


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