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As I heard Matthew Collings talk at the Crunch Festival in Hay the other day and also as he was one of the curators  for the Witching Hour exhibition here is a quote of his I really relate to.

And when an Impressionist artist paints a picnic it’s really not the picnic but an idealisation of freshness and spontaneity involving subtle hue and tone balances and wriggly soft edged forms, and forms above reflecting and echoing forms below, and so on, which are all just different approaches to the same theme of visual metaphor. Metaphors for what it’s like to be alive.


The Witching Hour is opening in London from Friday 21st January to Saturday 12thMarch at Pitzhanger Manor – PM Gallery and House, Ealing, with some of the same artists as in the Waterhall, Birmingham. This time the exhibition will focus on the architectural uncanny and I will be showing new work.

Here is a link to the catalogue The Witching Hour Catalogue with lovely essay by Freya Smaill

Installation view of The Witching Hour exhibition
Waterhall, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery
As part of Art of Ideas, 2010
Photo: (C) 2010 Katja Ogrin
Courtesy Arts & Business / ACEWM

and link to images of full exhibition