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‘If we are in a state of passibility, it’s that something is happening to us . . .  what happens is not at all something we have first controlled, programmed, or grasped by a concept. Or else, if what we are passible to has first been plotted conceptually, how can it seize us? How can it test us if we already know, or if we can know—of what, with what, for what, it is done?’’. ‘‘Passibility’’ is a neologism that puns on passivity and possibility, where passivity is not mere passiveness as opposed to activity but an openness to what happens, a disposition free of calculation, being ‘‘on guard,’’ plotting, grasping, eyes alert to the main chance. Passability is something like a condition of experience, or at all events experiences of a certain specialty’.

The senses of Augustine: On some of Lyotard’s remains.   Gerald L. Burns


‘the present object evokes the absent one, in its place.

Other of the there, who is there, there where light takes place without place, there where sounds resounds without duration, and so forth.

A witness in proportion to there being none, and there can be no witness of this blow that, we repeat, abolishes the periods, the surfaces of the archive. The tables of memory fall to dust, the blow has not passed.’

Jean-Francois Lyotard   ‘The confession of Augustine’

Later in the year in May I will be showing new paintings in the Prague Biennale 5 – The invited artists include Graham Chorlton, Oliver Clegg,  Anna Freeman, Philip Hale, Justin Mortimer, Sally Payen, Caroline Walker. The exhibition forms part of ‘Expanded Painting” – a major section of the biennale that will see other exhibitions devoted to painting from Hungary and the USA. The exhibition is called Some Domestic Incidents and is curated by Matt Price and assisted curator is Charlie Levine.