Some Domestic Incidents: An exhibition of new painting from Britain

24th September – 13th November 2011

Private View: Friday 23rd September


For most people in the developed world, most of the time, home is a place where we can be at ease. It is a site of sanctuary from the world outside, for everyday activities such as sleeping, cooking a meal, reading, or raising a family.

While many of us are fortunate to live in houses and apartments where we are happy and can relax, we all experience things in our homes that adversely affect our physical, psychological and emotional relationships with the places in which we live. This might be a burglary, the death of a loved one, an accident or a visit from the bailiffs. For others, home is a place that is constantly oppressive and filled with melancholy, loneliness or misery – a site of entrapment, discomfort or abuse.

Some Domestic Incidents presents works by seven artists from Britain that connect to the theme of domesticity and explore how normative relationships with homes can be changed or damaged.

The exhibiting artists are Graham Chorlton, Oliver Clegg, Anna M R Freeman, Philip Hale, Justin Mortimer, Sally Payen, and Caroline Walker. The exhibition has been curated by Matt Price assisted by Charlie Levine for the fifth edition of the Prague Biennale.

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