Residency at Flagworks and Exhibition

I am artist in residence from 11-15 September for  FLAGworks2012  followed by a group exhibition in Worcester City Gallery

Press release –

FLAGworks July 2012 – July 2013. A yearlong survey of artist made flags.

Flag waving and 2012 have been synonymous. In the UK, London has been at the epicentre of joint celebrations with the Jubilee and the Olympic movement falling in the same year. Scotland moves ever closer toward devolution and the Queen shakes hands with Sinn Fein in Northern Ireland. Internationally, Palestine makes new steps toward recognition, the Arab Spring sees new and old flags born and reborn, Greece and the Euro crisis, North Korean transition, Russian and American presidential campaigns and security in Afghanistan and Iraq. As you would expect of these national and internationally important occasions, the phenomena or the act of waving a flag is a common event.

This research and action based survey will look at the context, the political, cultural, social and economic phenomena of the flag and reference how visual artists use the flag to inspire new work and ideas in the field of contemporary arts. This is research, an exhibition, a series of residencies, a society, a publication and a survey. The dissemination of which will take place in Worcester, Vilnius and Kassel at various venues over the following year.

Ongoing curation by Nathaniel Pitt
New works: Mark Essen, Dr. Sally Payen, Alan Smith, Saulius Leonavicius, Ned James & the Swifts, John M Robinson and Garry Rest Barlow, Various Artist and Daniel Bosworth.
Archival works: Nada Prlja, Cornford & Cross, Juneau Projects, Kieran Reed & Abigail Hunt, AA Bronson / Group Material

RESIDENCIES: Jamie Jackson 12th-18th August / Mark Essen 28th Aug-1st Sept / Sally Payen 11th-15th Sept / Alan Smith 1st -6th October

WORCESTER CITY GALLERY Exhibition – 1st-31st October 2012


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