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Wild Rosebush

How it stands there before the darkenings

of the raining evening, young and pure;

amoung its thrashed-out tendrils, giving,

and yet sunk, immersed in its rose-existence;

the shallow blossoms, some already open,

each one unasked-for and untended:

so, endlessly outdone by itself

and indescribably self-excited.

it calls to the wanderer, who in evening

meditation, passes by the path:

Oh see me stand, here, look, how safe I am

and unprotected, having all I need.

Rilke, Between Roots


‘…what I’m suggesting it is necessary to reject the notion of time that began in Europe during the eighteenth century and is closely linked with the positivism and linear accountability of modern capitalism: the notion that a single time, which is unlinear, regular, abstract and irreverisible, carries everything. All other cultures have proposed a coexistence of various times surrounded in some way by the timeless.

Return to the forests that belong to history… A sense of waiting, yet what is it that is waiting? And is waiting the right word? A patience. A patience for what? A forest incident. An incident we can neither name, describe, nor place. And yet is there.’   John Berger ‘Into the Wood’ 2006