About Sally Payen

I am a practicing painter, MA RCA and PhD from Brighton University. I shall use this space for news, ideas and working images. I’m always exploring the the object-ness of painting and my main focus has been the representation and symbolic mystery of conflict and protest in painting. In my latest body of work I have shifted or refined my investigation into non-violent protest and now this alters the time-scape of painting. Other work is inspired by nature, miss-nature, its undercurrents and shifts. 


12 thoughts on “About Sally Payen

  1. Hi Sally
    I found your work via BPNs Site and saw you exhibited there. I am due to show some new work there in the summer. Just wanted to say congratulations on your work and you blog looks great. Your progress is very inspiring.

    i will add a link to your blog to mine.

    cheers Dean

  2. Hey.
    I find myself writing about your work for my essay about how a artist who uses the body and a artist who uses the absent body can create the same feelings in there work.. and i thought i would leave a message saying how much your work truly inspires me.
    I will make it a priority to come see one of your exhibitions this year.
    Sean =]

  3. I am going to hand it in today but i wish i would have known about this blog first.. direct answers from you would have been amazing not just my essay.. but for me personally.

    Do you feel your earlier work ‘Falling Cities’ I am fascinated by the figures.. are they more representative then just the hollow shell of humans?


    1. Hi – The figures in the earlier work and now share a common ground of having initially stemmed from something I’ve seen like a photograph or news items. The process of finding the images seems crucial. Its about starting off with something that actually happened, a sense of real-time. And then through the process of going into the painting they become something else, almost like I’m inventing a different narrative with different possibilities. In all the paintings all the people and the suggested places – it all gets made up as I go following a truth of the painting – so it becomes a kind of fiction that allows me to open up different experiences and conditions. The presence and yet not is kind of on the one hand about memory and a place still holding the people that once marched through and the timeless-ness of that but maybe the more outlined figures hung in that space more clearly – I like to work in a place of suggestion and uncertainty so for me making is a journey and I’m not sure what is going to happen and I suppose I think thats nice for the viewer also!

      hope thats helpful Sally

      1. Thats the most help you could be, it backs up what i have written about your work. Being more then what you see on the surface, reprsentational of the way the world is at the moment.. people just down know who and what they want to be. Outlines figures can be fun with anything from hope to misery.. Correct me if you feel its not right?


  4. I just wanted to comment and say that I really enjoyed reading your blog post here. It was very informative and I also digg the way you write! Keep it up and I’ll be back to read more in the future

  5. Hi Sally –
    I recently acquired a painting at a small auction in Washington State and I am wondering if it is one created by Jack Smith. If I sent you a photo would you have any idea by looking at it. It is signed SMITH, in capitals, and it is a gouache on paper.

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