Over the past few months I’ve been working as curator and artist for Outrider, a Arts Council Library Fund to work with a collection of bee books and photographs by Alfred Watkins – Outrider | A fine WordPress.com site A few images of work in progress

For Susan Smith

Wild Rosebush How it stands there before the darkenings of the raining evening, young and pure; amoung its thrashed-out tendrils, giving, and yet sunk, immersed in its rose-existence; the shallow blossoms, some already open, each one unasked-for and untended: so, endlessly outdone by itself and indescribably self-excited. it calls to the wanderer, who in evening […]


‘I suppose if people are not writers or painters or whatever, they see the life of the artist as being one of great freedom, but it’s not really; it’s as constrained as anyone else’s by the material thats available. The thing seems to have some kind of reality in one’s head;it seems to be something […]


‘If we are in a state of passibility, it’s that something is happening to us . . .  what happens is not at all something we have first controlled, programmed, or grasped by a concept. Or else, if what we are passible to has first been plotted conceptually, how can it seize us? How can […]