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Over the past few months I’ve been working as curator and artist for Outrider, a Arts Council Library Fund to work with a collection of bee books and photographs by Alfred Watkins – Outrider | A fine site

A few images of work in progressphoto 1-3photo 2-3photo 4


My website is updated Sally Payen MA RCA PhD and all the works here are small – sort of studies, top three – ‘pink trees’ and bottom two ‘airfield’.

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In the last few weeks I’ve been focused on a building program right here where I live and work. The space directly under my painting studio has been significantly renovated. The building is a sixteenth century timber framed town house and adjoining barn. The studio is the top floor of the barn; I was attracted to the project because of the potential of a fantastic history laden space to work, and yes its wonderful. But its been a long hard slog (cost more money, took more time etc) to get this far and its not finished!

The two photos show a kind of before and after; the before image was taken last year at a un-peeling point – when everything was removed and then it became possible to diagnose and move forward again. The image was taken from the ground floor looking up to the second – our cat loves the beams! The pink and gold were painted on the beams in the second world war when my studio was a cafe and night time cabaret for English and American pilots stationed here. Airplanes were painted red and gold on the inside, I like the thought of them bringing the paint home to my now studio for night time release. Lots more evidence about this later!

The after picture shows the same beams but now I’m waiting for the walls and roof to be plastered.