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I will be sending my paintings off to Nettuno, in the provence of Rome in the next few weeks in a crate. I am sending two large works, ‘Democratic Grid’ and ‘White Rage’ and four small pieces (some of the work I showed in Bryant Priest Newman) as well as some specially made drawings. All the paintings are squares, one reason for this is because of them going to a castle, with draw-bridge – Forte Sangello. There is a picture of the castle – on a beach in a earlier Rome post.

When I viewed my paintings in the Biennial of Contemporary Art earlier in the year I had one of those moments of ‘wow, my work makes sense here’. I’m sure this was to do with the light, the brightness and the being on a edge of a country, the venue being sited on a sandy beach. I lived in Brighton, UK for seventeen years, I did my first degree here in painting, for a time I lived on the sea front – I was always walking along the under cliff walk. At that time I learnt all about space and light and ¬†how it might relate to painting – sometimes I feel that the chalk light quality that kind of under-pins my work is still infused with those huge white cliffs and how the light bounces off the sea onto the cliffs or is it the other way round. Anyway viewing my paintings placed opposite the sea in Nettuno gave me a bit of a double take, especially with the blue lines almost the same colour as sky or sea.

Looking forward to going out! The dates of the exhibition are 6 November to 15 November. Below is a picture of Brighton under cliff walk.

brighton cliff


In the last few weeks I’ve been focused on a building program right here where I live and work. The space directly under my painting studio has been significantly renovated. The building is a sixteenth century timber framed town house and adjoining barn. The studio is the top floor of the barn; I was attracted to the project because of the potential of a fantastic history laden space to work, and yes its wonderful. But its been a long hard slog (cost more money, took more time etc) to get this far and its not finished!

The two photos show a kind of before and after; the before image was taken last year at a un-peeling point – when everything was removed and then it became possible to diagnose and move forward again. The image was taken from the ground floor looking up to the second – our cat loves the beams! The pink and gold were painted on the beams in the second world war when my studio was a cafe and night time cabaret for English and American pilots stationed here. Airplanes were painted red and gold on the inside, I like the thought of them bringing the paint home to my now studio for night time release. Lots more evidence about this later!

The after picture shows the same beams but now I’m waiting for the walls and roof to be plastered.

Good news – earlier in the year I entered some paintings on the subject of war into a competition and exhibition just outside Rome; a Biennial of contemporary Art – I was awarded second prize for my paintings and had the most wonderful visit and evening consisting of opera, contemporary artists, and dinner over the sea. The prize is a exhibition of my work later this year in a beautiful ancient castle! Some images